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Instruction to Reviewers
General Instruction
Above this section, you will see the manuscript title, ID number, status, total time in review, and links to view the manuscript in various formats (e.g., HTML, PDF, etc.). This information is available from each of the additional tabs (Details and Score Sheet) as well. Clicking on the Details or Score Sheet tabs will make those screens active.

The Details tab contains the manuscript type, keywords or attributes the author associated with the manuscript, and the date submitted. You can still view the title, status, id number, time in review, and links to the manuscript files at the top of the table.

The Score Sheet tab contains the score sheet for the journal. Based on journal specifications, this score sheet may include specific manuscript questions or ratings, a recommendation field, comments to the author, comments to the editor, and the ability to attach a file. nter your login ID and password as issued by the Edito-in-Chief.

instruction to reviewers

Viewing the Manuscript

There are two ways for you to view the manuscript assigned to you. You can click either of the "PDF" links at the top of the table and print the resulting PDF proof. You can also read directly from the screen by clicking the "HTML" link at the top of the table and viewing the resulting HTML proof.

Completing the Score Sheet
To complete the score sheet, respond to all fields. When filling out the score sheet, please remember the following things:

Comments to Editor: Use this space to transfer to the Editor the basis for your recommendation for acceptance or rejection. These comments will NOT be conveyed to the author.

Comments to Author: Use this space to convey specific feedback to the author on your recommendation. Please do NOT reference the Comments to Editor field as the author will not have direct access to those comments.

Special Symbols: As with other plain text transmissions, such as e-mail, your use of special symbols is restricted. Please use symbols that are found on your keyboard and plain text notations, such as (^) for superscript. For example, you will not be able to use the symbols for Greek letters. You will need to spell these out. If you will be repeatedly using a Greek letter, you can re-define the symbol (e.g. G = gamma) at the beginning of the section in which you will be using it.

Attaching Files (where active): To attach a file, you need to click on the "Browse..." button, locate your file, and click the "Attach" button. After the file is successfully uploaded into the database, the screen will refresh, showing the user's uploaded file in the "Files Attached" list. The file can be downloaded by clicking on the file name, or unattached by clicking the "Unattach" icon next to the file name. You can also specify whom the file is intended for (Author & Editor or Editor Only) by clicking the appropriate radio button.

Submitting Your Review: There are three buttons at the bottom of the page: "Save as Draft" saves the score sheet without sending it to the editor, "Submit" saves the score sheet and sends it to the editor, and "Print Saved Version" opens a pop-up window with a printable version of the most recently saved score sheet.